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Fags, fish seized in Sandakan

Published on: Friday, December 13, 2013

Sandakan: A total of 118 contraband cigarette packs were confiscated during an operation by the Municipal Council enforcement personnel in Sandakan on Thursday.

The 8.40am operation which was conducted from Old Slipway up to the district's Fisheries Office involved 45 personnel led by their Enforcement Senior Assistant Officer Sairin Abd Rahman.

A total of eight wheelbarrows and various fresh fish which were being sold illegally at the district's bus terminal were also seized by the team.

The contrabands were handed over to the relevant authorities for further action while the other items were seized under the General By-Law 1955 by law 59 of the Sandakan Municipal Council.

A notice was also issued to demolish a premises which was found to be converted into a private accommodation after complaints were lodged by civilians. Several chicken coops were also discovered in the premises.

The case is classified under Section 49C Local Government Ordinance 1961 for causing disturbance.