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Tuaran to soon have 100 co-ops

Published on: Friday, December 13, 2013

Tuaran: There will be altogether 100 registered co-operatives in the district as well as a new branch of the Malaysian Co-operative Societies Commission by next year.

Tuaran MP Datuk Wilfred Madius Tangau said currently, there are 43 registered co-operatives in the district and will have another 38 more in order for a branch of Malaysian Co-operative Societies Commission to be set up in the district.

"I have spoken to the director and he told me that we need to have more than 60 registered co-operatives in the district in order for the branch of Malaysian Co-operative Societies Commission to be set up.

We now have 43 registered co-operatives so we hope to have another 38 more for the set up," he said.

"I request collaboration between the Malaysian Co-operative Societies Commission and Unity and Integrity Department and also the neighbourhood watch areas which consists of 25 personnel to be under one co-operative," he said.

He said this when officiating at a community service programme in Kg. Tenghilan here.

Earlier, he thanked the Sabah Federal Secretary's Office in holding the programme as an initiative to offer community service to the people and choosing Kg. Tenghilan as the venue.

He also said the programme was held as part of the government's transformation agenda.

"The government took steps to implement the transformation programme in its management," he said, explaining that each of the government's units either in Federal, State, districts or Village Development and Security Committee should practice transformation.

Sabah Federal Secretary Dato' Abu Bakar Hassan said the concept of the community service is important especially for those who lived in the interior to meet and interact with government officers, thus, miscommunication would not occur.

"I understand that there are 18 government agencies present today and I hope the people will use this opportunity to gain information and besides, the agencies can also have the chance to promote their services to the people," he said.

He also said that the Urban Transformation Centre (UTC) officiated by the Prime Minister acted as part of the government's concept in offering their services and will be opened even on weekends.

Madius later in his speech also said that the UTC was an initiative taken by the government in the transformation outline and will be opened from 8am to 10pm.

He also informed the people that they could communicate with the Prime Minister anytime through Twitter or Facebook.

"The people can state their problems directly to the government, however, this does not mean that the problems could be solved instantly but at least the government is able to identify and be aware of the problem," he added.

Later, he also said that the government would still offer subsidy to the people but only to those who deserved it.

"There are certain parties inciting the people that next year will be a year of darkness, however, it is a way for our government to handle the subsidy wisely," he said, adding that he hoped the people will have faith in the government and that changes would occur three to four years from now.

According to Madius, the people should also understand the challenges faced by the government especially in managing and controlling the subsidy given to the people, as the distribution of subsidy can also be a problem.

Madius also said that that the government had decided to allocate RM1.8 billion to Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd (SESB) to solve problems involving electric cable theft and electric transmission from Tawau to Kimanis besides upgrading the electric cables.