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Dad seeks double justice over rape of daughter

Published on: Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Penampang: A father of three has decided to refer the rape of his daughter, who gave birth as a result of the alleged incident, to both the Criminal and Native courts to ensure the accused, a former immigrant, is convicted in both.

The father lodged a report against the Timorese two months ago after his 17-year-old daughter told him who was responsible for her pregnancy.

He filed the case in the Native Court after getting endorsement from the District Officer for the case to be tried in the Native Court as well.

During the hearing, Native Chief Andrew S. Lidaun lectured the father on how to prevent his children from getting into trouble at an early age.

Lidaun said the father should always be with his children, give them religious education, know and control where they go and prohibit them from going out at night.

He was prompted to say this when the father failed to answer his question on what he would do to prevent the same thing from befalling his two other daughters. It is the second case of a native pursuing justice in both the native and criminal courts this year.

The other case this year also involved an underaged student who was impregnated by the husband of the girl's relative.

Earlier, the father told the court that he allowed his only daughter from his first wife to stay with his younger sister, so that she can work at a cybercafe owned by the sister. According to him, he contacted the daughter once a month which Lidaun considered as grossly insufficient.

He claimed that he never met or called the man after the daughter told him because he is from a different race and religion and he only met the man face to face in the Native Court.

The father who worked as a purchasing officer, told the court that his daughter gave birth to a baby girl two days before the Native Court hearing and that he and the daughter have decided to give the baby up for adoption.

The father strongly opposed the possibility of the man marrying his daughter and asked the court to punish him in accordance with the customs and traditions of the KadazanDusun from Penampang.

The accused, who is a Muslim, admitted he was responsible but was ready to be punished in accordance with the offence he has committed.

The car dealer also said that he will not press for marriage due to the difference in religion and according to him, he has a Malaysian identity card (IC) after having stayed in Sabah for a long time and that his father also has an IC.

Lidaun then adjourned the case to next year after seeing the girl who has just recently gave birth, shivering in the cold airconditioned courtroom.

Meanwhile, outside the courtroom, the man was seen looking for the girl saying he wanted to wish her a happy birthday which would be in two days time.