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Sabah PKR launches natural disaster fund

Published on: Thursday, December 19, 2013

Kota Kinabalu: Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Sabah launched its own natural disaster fund here, Wednesday, to help and lessen the burden of Sabahans who fall victim to natural phenomenas.

Its Chairman Datuk Lajim Ukin said the fund was set up as agreed by bureau of politics under the State PKR Leadership Council (MPN) as a preparation to help victims in the State following occurrences of flooding towards the year-end.

He said the fund would be used to help natural disaster victims irrespective of their political affiliations and inclinations.

"The bureau of politics has agreed that collection of cash donations to the fund would only be limited to among party members and not from the public as a permit from police is needed for such collection.

"Therefore, the divisional heads have been given the mandate to assist in getting the donations from their respective divisions and ensure this charity programme runs well to meet its main objective," he said.

Lajim said this to reporters after chairing a meeting of the bureau at the State PKR headquarters and the launch of the State PKR Natural Disaster Fund, here, on Wednesday.

Also present were its secretary Datuk James Ghani, Treasurer Terence Siambun and other officials.

Lajim said MPN would like to be fully ready to face any eventualities especially flooding that often happens in low-lying areas like in Beaufort, Keningau, Nabawan, Tenom and Kota Marudu, among others.

He assured that monetary contribution to the fund will not be used to pay for administration costs in operating the party but instead wisely distributed only to help natural disaster victims.

"We will announce the amount contributed by the party members in Sabah for the fund as well as how much has been spent for the victims and balance of the fund.

"We will be transparent and disclose how much is are being spent to our members," Lajim said.

On another issue, he said all divisions that have had leadership issues sorted out everything in the meeting.

He said the divisions are Putatan, Kota Marudu, Kalabakan, Tenom, Semporna, Silam and Sandakan that now have their respective divisional heads, based on the party constitution.

"The divisional head for Putatan is Imran Abdul Rahman who was the vice-chief 1, deputy chief Abd Wahid Jainal is appointed as the divisional chief for Silam, James Chia divisional chief for Sandakan, vice-chief 1 Juhuran bin Kalmin is now the Kalabakan divisional chief, and Tenom deputy chief Masdin Thomas is now the divisional chief.

"Meanwhile in Semporna, its vice-chief 1 Datu Pg Ahmad Datu Alam has been appointed as the divisional chief and vice-chief 1 Wedhuru@ Mohd Zahir in Kota Marudu is now its divisional chief.

"Nuriah Jamirun who is information chief under the State PKR Wanita is appointed as the Kota Marudu PKR Wanita chief and she will also coordinate the Kudat Wanita wing as well," Lajim said.

He also announced that Adris Taripin has been appointed as a Supreme Council Member in the MPN and a committee member of the bureau of politics as well as appointed as coordinator head for Tenom division.

In Kudat, Lajim said there were no leadership issues in the division, and those in Sepanggar and Kinabatangan were resolved last week.

He said leaders appointed to be divisional heads in the respective troubled divisions will hold the post until the party polls next year.