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Cases involving RM620,000 goods solved via special op

Published on: Friday, December 20, 2013

Kota Kinabalu: Police have within a month crippled three gangs and seized goods worth about RM620,000 from break-in cases, robberies and car thefts here.

The "Ops Cantas Khas Jenayah" crackdown saw police from the Kota Kinabalu Police Department recovering various items from the three gangs known as Syamsir Gang, Boye Gang and Raqib Gang, all of whom were believed to specialise in the three criminal acts.

State Police Commissioner Datuk Hamza Taib, during the State police headquarters monthly gathering in Kepayan, Thursday, said police have solved 20 cases with the arrest of 18 people, including two women.

Of this, 10 people tested positive for drugs and that the overall estimated loss was worth about RM685,100.

Hamza said between Nov. 24 and Nov.

25, police arrested five members of the Syamsir Gang aged between 27 and 38 in KK and Tambunan, identified to be involved in four car theft cases.

"We believe they are involved in nine cases with estimated loss worth about RM91,000. Of this figure, we recovered items worth RM70,000 from them," he said. The items included a Nissan Vanette, motorcycle, vehicle parts, several keys for Toyota and Nissan vehicles, eight vehicle master keys and alarm system.

He said between Dec. 7 and Dec. 9, police detained three people, including the women, who are members of the Boye Gang in Kota Kinabalu and Keningau aged between 23 and 31.

Preliminary investigations showed that the group, which specialised in robbery and car theft, was involved in five robbery cases with estimated loss worth about RM241,100. Among items seized from them are machetes, two samurai swords, a toy gun, iron rods, two Toyota Vios, a Myvi and pawn receipts worth about RM250,000.

The last group was the Raqib Gang specialising in break-ins and known for targeting women who are in some cases brought for a joy-ride before being robbed of their possessions.

He said 10 members of the group aged between 18 and 38, were arrested between Dec 12 and Dec 14, adding that investigations showed that they are involved in ten break-in cases and one car theft with estimated loss worth about RM435,000.

"Police seized about 41 items such as a toy pistol, an Isuzu D-max, Cherokee Jeep, watches, foreign currencies and jewellery worth about RM300,000," he said, and thanked civilians for their cooperation by channeling information. He warned that having stolen jewellery in one's possession is an offence under Section 411 of the Penal Code and that there are certain procedures to follow under the Pawnbrokers Act.

"I have ordered the Kota Kinabalu Police Department to look into this matter and action would be taken where necessary," he said.

They have identified three pawn shops in the city where some of the stolen jewellery were recovered.

On another development, he said the statement by the Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar on the east coast had been misinterpreted by the media. "The question was asked by a reporter and the IGP said that police have always received information and that police are always ready to face any possibilities.

He did not say there would be an attack.

"We have intensified security off our waters, we have ships near the international waters, we also have boats which act as response teams and we have the Ops Gasak conducted by the Eastern Sabah Security Command and Ops Cantas Khas conducted by police," he said.

"We conducted Ops Cantas Khas in Semporna and will continue the operation in other districts until we reach the point where we can wipe out undesirable elements off our waters. I therefore urge people not to make speculations because we never take any information lightly and we have certain methods to verify whether such information is valid or not," he said, adding that there is good bilateral ties between Sabah, Malaysia and the Philippines.