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Set up a KDM Research Centre, suggests Kurup

Published on: Sunday, December 22, 2013

Kota Kinabalu: Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Tan Sri Joseph Kurup has proposed the setting up a KadazanDusun and Murut Research Centre, a think-tank to find a solution to increase progress and development within the community.

He said the suggestion should be expedited so that the Bumiputeras could maximise opportunities provided by the Government under the Bumiputera Development Agenda.

"The KadazanDusun and Murut Research Centre is a think-thank that will benefit our community, as it will focus on empowering youths," he said at the launch of the Kadazan Dictionary organised by the Kadazan Society Sabah, here, Friday night.

He said Bumiputeras must use expert resources to the maximum, especially among youths, to strengthen the foundation for the community to rise.

However, such efforts would be useless without unity and immediate measures must also be planned to ensure unity was enjoyed by future generations, added Kurup.

According to him, the setting up of the centre would involve a lot of challenges but it could serve for the betterment of the community focusing on youth empowerment.

"The purpose of the think tank is to solve problems raised especially in terms of the Kadazan language besides making corrections that are related to it," he said, explaining that our youths are the asset to the development of the Kadazandusun.

Therefore, he said, the suggestion to set up a Kadazandusun Research Centre is based on long-term, besides being able to strengthen the foundation of the community revival, especially among youths.

Earlier, Kurup also conveyed the message by our Prime Minister stating his understanding in the Kadazandusun aspirations and assured that the Government will make sure nobody would be left behind in the development of the country's economy which is in line with the concept of 1 Malaysia.

The new edition of the Kadazan dictionary consists of 10,000 new vocabularies compared to the previous edition compiled in the year 1958 by Rev. Fr. A. Antonissen and the translations are English to Kadazan and vice versa, Malay to Kadazan as well as the Kadazan grammar and illustrations.

The dictionaries were printed in two types - hardcover and paperback.

The dictionaries will be available for sale immediately after the launching and be distributed to various agents and bookstores.