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Demo: Over dozen reports lodged

Published on: Saturday, December 28, 2013

Labuan: More than a dozen police reports has been made here against the planned anti-government demonstration in Kuala Lumpur on the eve of New Year, calling for immediate stern action against the instigating. Among those who made the report on the attempt to topple the government which had been democratically-elected was Senator Datuk Haji Yunus Kurus representing the Umno division here, along with Puteri Chief Ernie Jamil, President of Labuan Youth Council, Mohd Dzulfaizal Abd Manan, Chief of Ketua Kampung Action Committee, Roslee Safar and village heads.

Yunus said that the planned protest was an act of provocation and disrespect to the nation's laws. Such street protest could go out of hand and plunge Kuala Lumpur and other towns into turmoil and chaos. Resorting to such action was no answer in airing grievances, he said.

The Peaceful Assembly Act enacted by the government should not be misused, he said adding that there are other laws to protect the public as well.

Taking to the streets is not the Malaysian style. Yunus urged the police to investigate and bring the masterminds to book.

It is learned from online news portal that the opposition was not involved in the two planned protests on New Year's eve. The other protest is against the hike of prices. The two groups are acting separately.

In TUARAN, its Umno Youth Movement, Tuaran Youth Coalition and Kg. Bolong Baru Tuaran Youth Association lodged an official complaint at the Tuaran District Police Station to protest the illegal demonstration organised by the opposition.

The demonstration, which is aimed to topple the government, will be held at Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur on Dec 31 and it is believed that similar demonstration will also be held nationwide.

A statement released by the group stated that the report was lodged after taking into account the interest and security of the nation as a whole.

The report was lodged by Tuaran Umno Youth chief Jasnih Daya accompanied by Tuaran Youth Coalition representative Ahmad Ruhani and Kg Bolong Baru Tuaran Youth Association representative Norisham Raibul at 4.15pm on Tuesday.

Jasnih urged the people in the country especially the youths not to be involved in the illegal demonstration because it does not benefit anybody.