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Labuan's car rental operators given grace

Published on: Thursday, January 02, 2014

Labuan: Car rental operators at the International Ferry Terminal will have to conduct their business at the terminal in a manner which give a good impression of the island to visitors arriving by ferries.

The operators must provide good services and comply with all the requirements of Labuan Corporation and Tourism Department and there should be no under-cutting of rates and a CCTV would be installed at the terminal to monitor their conduct.

These were among the conditions set in a joint decision made by LC Chairman and MP Rozman Isli and CEO of LC Datuk Mohd Nazri Othman in expanding the lease by another 30 days.

The decision was made by the LC after strong pleadings by MIC Chairman Ramasamy Rengasmay and Indian Chamber of Chairman, Dahlif Singh on the plight of the operators.

Earlier, the four car rental operators had been told to vacate the terminal by the end of last year and make way for LBS Holdings.

One of the operators cried foul over the action, saying that relocation would result in being phased out of business.

The operators said it was difficult to find a suitable alternate premise and rental was high.

The plight of the operator was highlighted in Daily Express in December.

Ramasamy thanked the MP and CEO for giving the operators a respite.

"We feel it is a fair decision but the operators have to prove they deserve continuing their business at the terminal."

Ramasamy added that he was also given to understand by the CEO that LC was not victimising anyone by issue the order to vacate. He said according to the CEO, the LC was committed to make Labuan a popular tourist destination and wanted to upgrade facilities at the terminal and standardise car rental services in conjunction with Visit Malaysia Year.

He added that the LC has made a "win-win" decision on the matter and those who met the standards would not be affected.