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UMS to have clock tower at campus

Published on: Thursday, January 02, 2014

Kota Kinabalu: Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) would be the first higher institute of learning in Malaysia to have a clock tower on its campus ground.

The clock tower which will stand at nine metres would be built at the roundabout in the campus.

UMS Vice Chancelor Prof. Datuk Dr. Mohd Harun Abdullah said that the purpose of the clock tower is to reflect the importance of time, especially among researchers and educated individuals.

"We tend to be aware of the disciplines in our lives as we observe the time.

The clock tower plays an important role in instilling the culture of discipline not only among students but to all UMS staff to always be on time and to spend their time wisely," he said.

He also said that the construction would begin as soon as possible, however, the total cost of the construction is not yet known.

"We have completed the construction plans and the clock tower would be completed in five to six months," he explained.

Mohd Harun said this during UMS' 20th anniversary celebration at the Chancellor Hall compound here, Wednesday.

"The celebration is to celebrate 20 significant years upon the establishment of UMS from 1994 to 2014," he said, adding that there would be various activities organised by the School of Institute Centre and Unit Department which could instill the sense of belonging among all UMS students and staff to appreciate and love the university.

He also urged all students and staff of the university to work hard with better productivity and high quality besides being sincere in doing their job as it is their responsibility in developing the country, race and religion.

Later, Mohd Harun also commented on the recent signing letter of intent (LOI) between the university and the Institute of Public Security of Malaysia (Ipsom) which is a public security research agency under the Home Ministry.

He said that the university does not only focused on the success of academic solely but also for the safety of the nation.

"The university has a lot of specialists which our nation's system of defence especially in Sabah waters could benefit from," he said, adding that there would be another meeting conducted between the university and Ipsom in order to strengthen the collaboration together with the Ministry of Home Affairs.

"However, we have not received the report from the discussion yet as it was in the form of technical but we had decided to improve the questionnaires used in the social survey in order to achieve precise information and aim that could contribute to our nation's system of defence," he said, adding that they would also give allocation for the purpose of research.