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Plea on Inanam stretch maintenance

Published on: Thursday, January 02, 2014

INANAM: Residents of Kg Bambangan Baru urged the local Government to clean and maintain a road leading to the town here.

According to a resident, lecturer Victor Guranak, 44, the road was last cleared up by the Public Works Department (PWD) before the 13th General Election.

"Before the election, PWD would clean up the roadside once a month but after the election, they stop the clearing work and that the area is currently fill with bushes.

"As a daily user of this road, I want to ask the PWD, why they did not continue their work after the 13th general election?

"This road is not only used by villagers here but also residents from other villages like Kg Poring-Poring, Kg Tombongon and Kg Kokol because it only takes about 15 minutes or 20 minutes to get to town here.

"Other than that, the road is also often used by tourists or people from outside to go to the Kasih Sayang Resort which located near Kg Bambangan Baru.

"We appeal to the government to continue the clearing works of the road immediately to avoid untowards incident because the bushes has prevented vision of the driver," Victor said.

Another villager, Jouni Lee Kai, 52, said the road is not only not clean up but it also narrow and should be expanded.

"The road condition is also a problem to the user when two cars meet from different direction.

"Several incidents had occurred before and we as the daily users of the road do not want the same incident to repeat and we hope the government can solve these road problems as soon as possible for the sake of the villagers who suffered the problem a long time ago," he said.

Another user Alex Gumbang, 32, said he as a road user is also experiencing difficulties with the road conditions and problem which not maintained and cleaned.

He said every time his car meet another car from the opposite lane, he or other motorists needed to find a safe area to make way for each other.