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Rental, fee hike: Mayor willing to meet busmen
Published on: Saturday, January 04, 2014

Kota Kinabalu: Mayor Datuk Abidin Madingkir is willing to meet the Sabah Express Bus Operators Council (SEBOC) to discuss the issue relating to the increase in the counter rental and departure fees.

"I am aware that the bus operators do not agree with the increase and they have met DBKK Holdings General Manager Kenny Chan.

However, they are still not satisfied with the outcome and have expressed their dissatisfaction through the local newspapers," he said.

"Therefore, I am willing to meet them to discuss this issue before deciding whether to stick to our decision or reduce the rental and fees," he said, adding that he would also inform the bus operators the problems faced by DBKK.

"We have our reasons to increase the rental and fees as we have never increased them after operating for almost six years now.

Besides, during the past six years, the electricity and water bills had increased and in order to provide better services, we have decided to increase both the departure fees and counter rental," he said, adding that the bus operators had also increased the bus express fares twice.

He said this when officiating the opening of the Puspanita 21st Annual General Meeting (AGM) at Dewan Puspa (DBKK), Centre Point, here, Friday.

On Puspanita, Abidin said it is important to help strengthen relations with the departments and to provide opportunities to its members in gaining knowledge.

"The association is active in organising talks and visits.

So far, they have visited Pulau Langkawi and Vietnam and are going to visit Bali soon," he said.

"As the advisor for the association, I strongly support all the activities and plans carried out by its members as this association is important for the wives of the officers in organisations," he said.

Abidin also said he hoped all the members of the association would participate in the talks as they would invite speakers from peninsula and usually the cost for this is not cheap.

He also hoped that that the association would hold more activities and visits in the upcoming future.

Kota Kinabalu Branch Puspanita Chairperson, Datin Florence Malangkig, said that the members had the opportunities to attend charity and community works besides attending talks to improve their self-knowledge.

"The involvement in these activities would help us to open our minds and gain more knowledge in facing daily trials as housewives, government servants, leaders in any associations and others," she said.

Later, Abidin in his speech also commented on the Visit Malaysia Year 2014.

"We expect to have 3.4 million local and foreign tourists visiting Sabah and last year we had 2.3 million tourists visiting the State, especially Kota Kinabalu," he said, adding that the Puspanita also plays an important role in helping to maintain the cleanliness of the city.

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