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Robbers exchange rubbish for gems
Published on: Sunday, January 05, 2014

Kota Kinabalu: Robbers exchanged a box of rubbish for RM20,000 worth of jewellery and gadgets from a double-storey house in Taman Regent, Luyang, Friday.

The incident happened when the houseowner who only wants to be known as Chong in her 40s, left the premises to do a personal errand at about 9.35am, leaving her 27-year-old Filipina maid at home.

She said based on information from her maid, two men in a grey Myvi came to the house moments later to ask where her employer was.

"My maid told them we were at work and the men left only to return five minutes later to ask what time we will be back. The men left after the maid told them her employers would return home very soon."

About five minutes later, the men returned for the third time, this time carrying a box which they claimed was a package for the houseowner.

"My maid told them to leave the box outside and that she will carry it in herself, but the men insisted that they bring it in with the excuse that the box was heavy," she said.

The men left the box on a table outside and pretended to walk away, but the moment the maid opened the sliding door, they rushed back in, took out their machetes and held it to her neck, while threatening to harm her if she shouted for help.

It was learnt that the culprits ransacked the house and fled with their loot leaving the shaken but unharmed maid who immediately alerted her employers.

Her employers, who arrived moments later, inspected the box only to find rubbish inside.

They lodged a report the same day.

Meanwhile, an alert 22-year-old drove two would-be robbers away when he caught them climbing over the fence of his double storey Semi-detached house in Taman Iramanis, Saturday.

It was learnt that the man was on his computer in the living room when he looked out the window upon hearing noises outside at about 12.50am.

Seeing the two men trying to climb over the fence, he alerted his family members who were sleeping in their rooms before calling the police.

The culprits fled by the time a patrol team arrived moments later.

According to the family, this was the second time within a week that robbers attempted to break into their premises.

The first was on Jan. 1.

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