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I received RoS letter only a week ago, says Teo
Published on: Monday, January 06, 2014

Kota Kinabalu: The letter from the Registrar of Societies (RoS) Director General, Mohd Razin Abdullah endorsing Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) congress and election in Oct 19 - 20 last year was received by Datuk Teo Chee Kang on Jan 2 this year.

Teo said he went to RoS Malaysia headquarters in Putrajaya together with Deputy President Senator Datuk Chin Su Phin and organising secretary Peter Chong to obtain the letter.

According to the two-page letter addressed to the party's secretary, RoS had agreed after conducting investigation based on the party's constitution that the party congress in October last year was proper and legitimate.

The RoS also pointed out the legitimate office bearers as those named in an attached list called Lampiran A.

This was the full-line up where Teo is the new president of LDP with Chin Su Phin is the deputy president.

"By doing so, RoS has also endorsed the full line-up of LDP, the election of leaders as well as the appointment of office bearers including the Secretary General among others, said Teo after chairing the second LDP supreme council meeting for the term 2013-2018 at its headquarters in Kepayan on Sunday night.

A certified true copy by RoS of the new Form 9, an extract of LDP's new leadership line-up had also been obtained by Teo.

"Therefore this clear the air on legitimacy of LDP's present leadership," said Teo who is also the Minister of Special Functions.

On former president Datuk V K Liew's intention to initiate legal action against the RoS, he said it was Liew's right to do so.

"But as far as we are concerned LDP with its new leadership line-up is already functioning as normal. We don't want to spend too much time to debate on the leadership tussle.

"Now it is the time to close rank and work together," he said while assuring that they would also include their friends who were in the "other faction".

"We welcome them to work as a team ... Including the two assemblymen," he said.

Merotai Assemblyman, Datuk Pang Yuk Ming and Karamunting Assemblyman Charles O Pang had remained in Liew's line-up of leadership during the crisis.

Asked if they would be appointed as Vice President, Teo said "we will still give them an important role to play ... I believe if we are sincere to work for the party position is secondary."

Earlier, Teo said several more appointments were made namely the members of the disciplinary committee which is chaired by the deputy president in accordance with the party constitution.

Also appointed were chairman of bureaus one of them is the political bureau which Teo himself is chairing.

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