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Hurt after tripping on sun shade ropes at shop
Published on: Monday, January 06, 2014

Penampang: A resident here sustained multiple injuries after tripping on ropes used to secure sun shades at a shop in the Damai area, in Luyang.

Helen, as she wished to be known, was returning to her car, recently, when it happened and urged local authorities to ensure guidelines on these are followed.

"I injured my right shoulder and both my knees. On top of this, I bruised my elbow," she said.

"Thankfully, my face landed on my hand bag.

Otherwise, I would have had injuries there as well."

Helen said some onlookers who saw her fall came to her assistance.

"They helped me up and when I had recovered from the shock, escorted me to my car.

"Some among this group informed me that many people had fallen in the same place before because of the placement of the ropes."

Helen, however, was dismayed by the callousness of the proprietor to whom the shades belonged.

"Neither the shopkeeper nor his staff apologised for what had happened. They didn't even enquire about my well being.

"One of the workers simply went and tied back the rope which had come loose because of my fall."

Helen hoped the local authorities would inspect the area to determine a more suitable location for where these ropes could be secured, so that others did not suffer a similar misfortune.

She provided Daily Express with the time and date of the incident, as well as the name of the shop in question. This information was forwarded to City Hall on December 9.

A spokeswoman for the agency said the relevant section would be alerted to this matter.

"We will have to verify the resident's claims before deciding how best to proceed," she said.

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