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Poser over incident
Published on: Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Kota Kinabalu: Controversy surrounds an alleged attempted robbery said to have occurred at the Suria Sabah Shopping Mall on Monday night.

The mall management said it is in the dark on the alleged incident and the victim lodged a report only after much persuasion by Likas Assemblyman Junz Wong, who posted the incident and photos on Whatsapp, a mobile messaging application.

According to his posting, an illegal immigrant attacked a woman from behind and tried to snatch her handbag while she was walking towards the mall's basement washroom.

The woman in her early 20s is said to have resisted and sustained two cuts on her hand and thigh. A couple who emerged from the washroom are said to have scared off the would-be robber who fled without taking any valuables.

The victim, who refused to be named, then supposedly went to the Permai Clinic for treatment and received stitches on her left wrist.

For unknown reason, she is said to have gone home without making any police report initially.

City Police Chief Jauteh Dikun confirmed a police report was lodged only at 8pm, Tuesday.

"I hope police can do more patrols to round up all these illegal immigrants and those who look suspicious. I will pay Suria Sabah management a visit to inform them of such shocking incidents so they can raise their security level to fight crimes to make the mall a safer place," said Junz.

Meanwhile, the mall's management posted a status update on their Facebook page confirming they received no internal or external reports on the incident.

"Our CCTV did not show any footage of an injured or bleeding lady exiting the mall during the time when the alleged incident happened.

"We have made a police report on this allegation and will clarify to the public on this alleged claim with a police investigation report in due course," it said.

The report, it said, was made to request the police to investigate the allegation on Facebook because the Suria management has no evidence to prove the incident actually happened.

However, Junz posted a reply saying he had met with the victim again and confirmed the incident had happened as reported.

He also said the victim had gone to the police station later on Tuesday evening with her father to lodge a report.

"We are not against any shopping mall. This could happen anywhere.

We just want the public to be aware and careful every time they step out of the house.

"Earlier this morning, City Police Deputy Chief Supt. M Chandra called me to ask about the incident.

Credit to the police because even before we make a report, they have already started investigations," said Junz.

"According to the report, the victim could not confirm the reason why she was attacked, whether it was a robbery attempt or something else.

She also could not confirm what weapon was used to injure her.

"She was slashed on her left wrist and had received treatment at a private clinic," Jauteh said, adding that the case will be investigated under Section 324 for causing injuries.

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