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RTD rakes in RM3.5m yearly from special plate numbers
Published on: Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Kota Kinabalu: The Road Transport Department (RTD) chalks up to RM3.5 million in special plate number revenue each year.

Director Suhaili Mohd Taufik said on Tuesday, RTD received 99 per cent booking of special numbers last year.

"For 2013, most of the bookings were made by Sabahans," he said, here.

The plate numbers are divided into four categories namely, golden, interesting, running numbers and strange numbers, he said.

For golden numbers - single digit 1 to 10 - priced at a minimum RM10,000 and its issuance is being controlled by RTD headquarters in the Peninsula, said Suhaili.

"All of this numbers are tendered at first and the remaining numbers will be opened to public to snap up," he said.

On another note, Suhaili said RTD has opened its operations at the Urban Transformation Centre since Dec 16 last year.

Located on the fifth floor, he said for now, the office would only be able to accommodate renewal of road tax and driving licence from 7.45am to 3.30pm every day - seven days a week.

"This services will be extended to 10pm in the future.

However due to limitation of safe deposit box payment for the services has been limited within the time span," he said.

Since the launching of MySikap last year, Suhaili said the public was not happy over the system migration as a result of not being able to conduct the business at the post office.

He understood the post office had ceased the services due to certain upgrading works at its premises.

"Nevertheless, the problems are more severe in the peninsula.

Not much in Sabah," he said. Suhaili also reminded the public that RTD had never given authorisation to any modification shops to install tinted films.

Meanwhile, the RTD collected more than RM120 million in revenue last year.

As of November last year the department had collected a total of RM120,165,900, said Suhaili.

"That's about 10 per cent higher than what the department collected in 2012," he said. He said RTD recorded a total of 80,679 vehicle registrations and licensing being mostly for motorcycles, while 936,701 for tests and licensing.

The figure however was lower than 2012, due to the introduction of a single testing and licensing programme for PSV and GDL licences.

On enforcement, RTD has issued over 68,000 notices and compounds.

"Sabah is the fourth highest in the country after Selangor, Penang and Johor," said Suhaili, adding that some of the most recorded offences were cutting queues on the left lane, overtaking on a double line, not wearing a helmet and parking or stalling on the emergency lane.

For 2014, Suhaili said RTD targets to issue over 80,000 notices as it was an instruction from the peninsula headquarters to beef up traffic regulation enforcement, here.

"We will instruct our officers to conduct more disguises and photo taking of offences. We may also include members from the volunteer club, SM1J, in enforcement this year including operations in the upcoming Chinese New Year," he said.

To date, Sabah has 1,359 SM1J members, and Suhaili said memberships are still open to the public.

Furthermore, among various offences, RTD plans to tighten enforcement on overloading vehicles, shifting its focus from motorcycles in 2013.

Suhaili said two more vehicle weighing stations in Tawau-Kalabakan and Telupid have been requested from headquarters, bringing the number to six stations from Kimanis, Telipok, Batu 32 in Sandakan and Segama in Lahad Datu.

"The process however may take a bit longer as we have noticed there are many new areas and changes due to the plantation sector," he said.

On another note, Suhaili also said that RTD will commence operations in conjunction with the upcoming Chinese New Year from Jan 24 to Feb 9.

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