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Flash flood hits 200 houses in Menggatal
Published on: Thursday, January 09, 2014

Kota Kinabalu: More than 200 houses were affected after a flash flood hit Kg Pulutan and Taman Pulutan in Menggatal near here, Wednesday.

The flash flood happened at about 3pm following a heavy downpour in and around the area.

The increased level of water also submerged a bridge connecting the housing area to the main road.

It also submerged roads in Kg Pulutan and nearby areas.

Meanwhile, in Kg Tampasak Kinarut, water from the nearby river flooded paddy fields and other low-land areas due to continuous rain in the area.

A retired teacher Raymond Misin said the water later receded but not before hitting nearby villages.

More than 100 houses were affected by the flood.

No injuries or fatalities were reported.

Meanwhile, in PENAMPANG, Kota Pergerakkan Pemantau Sukarelawan Penampang (Pantau Penampang) chided the State Government for dragging its feet in solving the flood menace which is causing great damage to personal and business livelihood in the district.

Its President, Johnny Binggiap said that flash floods are becoming rampant in the district but amazingly, the government seemed unperturbed by it.

"The government had been blaming high tides and heavier rainfalls over and over again as the reasons why flash floods are becoming rampant in this district. But Pantau Penampang believes that unregulated development/hill cutting, improper planning and unsuitable/non-maintained storm drainage systems are the major causes of it.

People are now questioning as to why the government happily collects millions of ringgit annually from the people in form of taxes and stamp duties, but never bothered to ensure that the people live in this environment, he said.

Meanwhile, Binggiap also suggested those currently affected by the perennial flooding along Jalan Minintod-Kibabaig to register their complaints and grievances with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

It was reported that the flood mitigation plan project for Jalan Minintod-Kibabaig had been approved by the said Ministry in year 2011 but pending funding from the Federal Government to kick off the project.

However, the three year delay for the flood mitigation project to commence is presumably due to the lackadaisical attitude of the relevant governmental department who should have pressed the said Ministry for the said funding but never saw the urgency to do so, he charged.

"This is so since no answer or response had been coming forth from the State Government through its Penampang District Council over this matter despite the flash flood along the road being highlighted numerously either in the social media or press," Binggiap explained.

Since there is no other place to go, Pantau Penampang suggests those who are affected to file their complaints and grievances directly to the Ministry through its e-aduan which could be found at its official portal, he said.

The link for the said e-aduan is http://eaduan.water.gov.my

"The people of Penampang should not be left in the hands of officers who are receiving thousands of ringgit as monthly salary but without conscience to the predicament faced by the people. So, it maybe a good thing if the people of Penampang complain directly to this Federal Ministry instead of waiting for these incompetent officers," he said.

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