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School site not safe: PTA
Published on: Thursday, January 09, 2014

Kundasang: The temporary school site of SMK Kundasang was declared safe by the Public Works Department (PWD) but a mud flood made short work of the assurance on Wednesday.

Parent Teacher Association (PTA) Chairman, Japiril Suhaimin said this is not an uncommon sight during their time at the temporary location while waiting for their new school to be built.

"Floods such this was one of the main factors that made this place unsafe and later abandoned. After some time, this location was once again declared safe by PWD, but it is, still, clearly not," he said.

Jairil also said that many concerns arise when something, of this nature, happens.

"This almost always happens when it rains here.

When the water reached a height of one and a half feet, teachers had to move their cars onto higher ground as a safety precaution.

"The main concern was that the mud entered the school hall and the students were not able to enter the canteen to purchase their food," he said.

The rain lasted for about an hour and 'trapped' about 400 people, including students and teachers, inside the hostel.

"The hostel was safe from the water as it is built on high ground.

Classes are also conducted on the first floor of the building so the flood did not disturb the regular class schedule.

"The parents all agreed that the temporary school site, SMK Agama Ranau, is more dangerous than the original school site," he said.

In other developments, Japiril said that it would be a heavy burden for parents after the month of April, as the Education Ministry will no longer be providing transport for students to the school.

"Other than this, the school had only one session before.

Now, we had to make it into two sessions due to the repairs.

This has affected the students performance and attitude," he said.

The PTA is also ready and willing to move back to the original school site in the Kundasang Township.

"The parents have discussed the matter and came to the conclusion that if operations were allowed to be resumed at the original school, parents would happily help clean the area. The wooden building that was deemed dangerous would also be taken apart and rebuilt, if necessary," he said.

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