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Woman: I made it up
Published on: Thursday, January 23, 2014

Kota Kinabalu: The woman who claimed that she was robbed and slashed on her hand and thigh at the Suria Sabah Shopping Mall on Jan. 6 - and even lodged a police report - has confessed that she actually made it up.

The woman said she had no intention of having the incident published in the newspapers and claimed it was her friend, who is involved in the opposition DAP Youth, had uploaded the pictures of her "wounded" on Facebook without her knowledge.

The photos also went viral on Whats App.

"I do not know about the spread of the news and the upload of the photos that had resulted in a lot of people commenting on them. I also did not realise that it would have ended up with such serious consequences and I apologise to all, especially to the Suria Management and Likas Assemblyman Junz Wong," she said.

Initially, it was said that she also suffered a slash in the thigh but police later dismissed it as a fake uploading, while the woman maintained that she suffered a cut on her wrist.

Nevertheless, the woman refused to explain the cause of her injuries, apart from saying that she was never hurt by anybody and that the injuries she sustained were never caused by a robbery.

Earlier, the woman in her early 20s had alleged that an illegal immigrant attacked her from behind and attempted to snatch her bag while she was walking towards the mall's basement washroom.

However, the mall's management later stated that the CCTV at their mall had failed to show any footage of a bleeding woman exiting the mall during the alleged incident happened.

Wong said that earlier, he had asked the woman about the incident and that a police report was finally lodged on Jan. 7 after the woman received much persuasion from Wong.

He also said he coincidentally met up with the woman's parents at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport on Sunday, asking them to find out about the incident because according to him, there were a lot of versions of the story emerging.

The woman finally admitted that the whole incident was not real and held a press conference at Suria Sabah Shopping Mall on Wednesday, stating that it was a big mistake.

The mall's management said they hoped that the clarification would put the matter to rest.

Its General Manager, Tan Ting Wai, said the mall itself is safe with sufficient security and CCTVs and there had not been any case reported before.

"Therefore, accidents would rarely occur at the mall and the security guards would have known if anything had happened.

The CCTVs would also have recorded it all," he said, adding that shoppers should not post their reports on Facebook as the management would not be able to reply to all.

"They could always inform or report to the management directly instead of posting them on Facebook as we do not know whether or not the reports are real," he said.

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