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Double-park victim smashes car
Published on: Friday, January 24, 2014

Kota Kinabalu: An irate motorist was caught on video smashing the window of a double-parked vehicle which prevented him from exiting a parking space at Damai Plaza here, Tuesday.

The close to eight-minute video footage, which went viral over the social media, was supposedly recorded by a resident who claimed to be at the scene.

The resident, who did not want to be identified, claimed that about 20 minutes of honking prompted him to check what was happening at about 10.30am that day.

"I saw a vehicle double-parked in front of two vehicles which apparently was stopped from exiting the parking space because of the vehicle which was blocking them," he claimed.

The video showed one of the motorists taking a hammer before smashing the glass window of the vehicle which triggered its alarm, opened the door, released the handbrake and together with the other motorist, pushed the vehicle aside before driving off.

"The vehicle was pushed to the middle of the road and this caused it to block other vehicles from plying the route," he said, adding that the woman owner of the damaged vehicle appeared moments later with a child.

He said instead of moving her vehicle to the side, the woman started to make a phone call which prompted further frustration from other motorists plying the route.

"An elderly man subsequently came and told her off," he claimed, adding that he uploaded the video to raise awareness among the people.

"Motorists should not double park but it does not give a reason for other motorists to take the law into their own hands by damaging someone else's property," he said.

City Police Chief ACP Jauteh Dikun on Thursday said they have not received any police report on the incident.

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