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Keeled-over lorry strands residents
Published on: Saturday, January 25, 2014

Penampang: Residents in outlying villages as well as motorists coming from both directions along Jalan Tambunan were stranded when the stretch was temporarily blocked by a lorry which keeled over near Kg Timpoluon, here, Friday.

District Police Chief DSP Ratan Singh said the lorry laden with plywood was heading towards Kota Kinabalu from the Tambunan direction when the driver lost control, causing it to skid and crash along the stretch earlier that day.

"Police were deployed to the area after being alerted and the route was cleared by 8.30am," he said, adding that the driver who escaped unscathed managed to crawl out of the lorry with help from passersby.

He reminded road users to be cautious while on the road, particularly during rainy days.

It was learnt that the 55-year-old driver, who is from Sandakan, failed to control the lorry as he was driving on an uphill route.

The impact caused the lorry to swerve before crashing along the route at 6am.

The stretch was the same one hit by a landslide last year during Kaamatan, which left residents and Kaamatan revellers stranded.

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