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CPS management clarifies 'truth behind video'
Published on: Saturday, January 25, 2014

Kota Kinabalu: Centre Point Sabah's management team scrambled to verify the truth after a video of their security guards assaulting a man wearing what looked like an immigration officer's uniform was posted on Facebook, Thursday.

The one-minute video showed several security guards pushing and hitting the man at the premises, as one patron seemed to come to his defence while other patrons stood by and watched.

As at press time, the video received a total of 88 comments, 123 Likes and 316 shares, with various reactions to it.

The video also prompted the management of the shopping complex to call for a media conference to clarify the truth behind the video.

The shopping complex's security management, ISO Hitec Security Sdn Bhd Chief Operation Manager, Nizam Lee, said he will investigate the matter.

"As far as I am concerned, I will find out if my security guard really did punch or fight back, before taking action," he said.

The shopping mall's Security Executive Manager, Roslan Aliamat, said the man, who claimed to be an immigration officer, was first seen greeting some shop operators on the basement at about 8pm.

"He was later seen going to the first floor and heard shouting words like 'security guards are supposed to be Malaysians' as well as using vulgar words which scared off other patrons," he related, adding that this went on for about 14 minutes.

He said a security team came and apprehended the man who spewed even more vulgar words, prompting the team to bring the man aside.

"We did not hit or punch the man as seen in the video which only showed a small part of what had actually happened," he said, adding that the police and immigration officers also arrived at the scene to assist in the matter.

"We thought the matter was already settled last night, but then this video was uploaded on Facebook and it could damage the reputation of our shopping complex," he said, adding that they have lodged a police report to clarify the matter on Friday.

The State Immigration Department Director Noor Alam Khan, when contacted, said it was a misunderstanding but declined to elaborate further.

Also present were the shopping complex managers Lynda Wong and Chiang Tsan Li.

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