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'Wife' of accused slams the right of NGOs, others
Published on: Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Kota Kinabalu: THE 13-year-old victim made an impassioned plea in defence of the man who was accused of raping her, accusing people of wanting to separate them, now that they are husband and wife.

She said through a statement distributed to the media by her father that she lodged two reports to say that the alleged rape never occurred and that she did not want to proceed with the case since the accused is now her husband.

She also her reports were backed by his father, who also lodged a report.

"Riduan is my legal husband, why are there parties who want to blow up this issue whereas he did not commit it," she said. "The most distressing is when they want to separate us, want to make us divorce even though we were solemnised in (the) Muis office.

"My future is in my hands, my parents and my husband. Not the people who speak out behind my back just to bring me, my parents and my husband down.

I hope this matter is given consideration accordingly," she said.

"We married without being forced. It was based on love and my parents allowed us to marry," she said, adding she was stressed by the pressure from third parties and unconcerned people.

"I am sad because the Ministry and NGOs placed themselves first rather than me.

They never asked me about my feelings. I feel depressed and helpless."

She said as the second wife of Riduan, she felt sad with the court's decision which she claimed was biased and destroyed her future and happiness.

"I want those who punished my husband to be responsible for separating me from him in which we had been legally solemnised," said the girl.

Meanwhile, the father said he was unhappy about Riduan being found guilty.

According to him, Riduan showed he is honest and responsible to marry his daughter.

"He (Riduan) should be praisedÉ and for the girl who want to marry in their young age, that was their right.

No third party or outsider can involve in their marriage.

It is good for them to get married rather than commit unhealthy activity."

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