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Panar Laban as you've never seen it before!
Published on: Thursday, January 30, 2014

Kota Kinabalu: Frost was everywhere, covering trees, staircases and the fields in Panar Laban and Laban Rata early Wednesday.

There is no better witness to this white beauty than resident cook, Mestianna Eil Inda, who took countless pictures and spread it through face book.

"It's a beautiful scene," said Mestianna's facebook friend, Tham Yau Kong, who alerted the Daily Express.

"It was really cold up here at Laban Rata last night (Tuesday) and what is strange is if it is raining, it is warmer.

But if it's clear sky, it's bitterly cold and we had clear sky last night," Mestianna noted.

Mestianna's observation is not surprising, from the angle of basic weather science.

Overnight cooling under clear night skies, objects on the ground emit more radiation than they receive from the sky and so a leaf on the ground, for instance, cools down to net energy loss and once the leaf gets cold enough, frost forms.

But frost will only form on a surface that is at or below freezing temperature.

Whether this can be considered snow is debatable and best left to experts.

The fact that people see it in Laban Rata which is no more than 11,000ft above sea level makes the matter more intriguing.

Sabah had recently been subjected to unusually cold winds originating from Siberia.

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