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Misery for these Putatan folks
Published on: Thursday, February 06, 2014

Putatan: The folks in Kg Tembongon, especially those residing not far from an ongoing housing project, are in a predicament over the perennial flooding in their respective compounds.

They blamed the absence of a concrete wall alongside the stream to prevent excess water overflowing onto their lands during prolonged heavy rain.

"The flooding can be avoided if a systematic drainage system is implemented here by the relevant authority," stressed Awang, who spoke on behalf of several Bajau communities there.

He said the width of the waterway concerned used to be wide as it was part of the Putatan river but had been reclaimed to pave the way for the housing development under the Syarikat Perumahan Negara Bhd (SPNB).

"It became just a small stream after the reclamation work which is clearly insufficient to cater the high load of water that flows into the sea," he said. The latest flood incident occurred during incessant rainfall last month.

"Kitchen appliances, clothing, electrical goods and many other items were either washed away by the strong current or got spoiled by the raging waters," he lamented.

He said the villagers lauded the Government's effort to develop the area as it would provide affordable homes to the low and middle income groups but several aspects must not be taken lightly.

"How about the people who have been residing here for donkey years?," he asked.

He also claimed that all the houses that were affected by the flooding were built on Native Titled lands.

"This is not a communal title or government reserve land," he said.

He hoped the concrete drain would be erected at the side of the stream soon as possible.

"We also urge the management of SPNB to hold a dialogue with us on this issue as we need to find a permanent solution to this problem," he said. Daily Express had forwarded the matter to SPNB and also to the Department of Irrigation and Drainage recently.

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