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Family keeping their fingers crossed
Published on: Thursday, February 06, 2014

Kota Kinabalu: Family members of a 53-year-old who survived a four- storey fall in his car are keeping a bedside vigil as he lies sedated and breathing through a ventilator in hospital.

Soo Chi Ping (pic) from Kolombong, who sustained two broken ribs and internal bleeding in his lungs, is said to be in stable condition at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of Queen Elizabeth Hospital 2.

His family members have been holding their breath since Chinese New Year Eve when Soo, who was in a Perodua MyVi, fell from a fourth floor parking lot as he was reversing in the Star City building, here.

His 49-year-old wife on Wednesday said that she and the family were praying hard for his recovery.

"My sister contacted me on that day (Jan. 30) when I was busy preparing for the reunion dinner and told me the bad news.

I was shocked and terrified when I heard what had happened to my husband who was supposed to join us for the reunion dinner.

"Our Chinese New Year is rather gloomy as my three children and I have no appetite to eat É we are so worried about his condition and we are praying for a quick recovery," said the woman who did not wish to be identified.

The mother of two sons and a daughter, aged between 19 and 25, said she had yet to speak to her husband as he is still unconscious.

She is pleased that Soo survived the mishap, although she does not know why her husband was at the Star City building.

While caring for Soo, she said she was considering looking for a job to fend for the family. It was reported that Soo was alone in the vehicle when the incident happened at 7am on Jan. 30.

City Deputy Police Chief Supt. M. Chandra was reported as saying that preliminary investigations showed the man lost control of the vehicle as he was reversing, resulting in the vehicle crashing straight into the cement wall before falling four storeys to the ground.

Meanwhile the man's younger brother claimed that prior to the incident, his brother (Soo) had gone to an entertainment outlet with friends at Harbour City and later went to another entertainment outlet in Star City when a narcotics team raided the premises at about 3am.

"My brother (Soo) and a friend who was with his wife, a passport holder, were among those who had their urine tested.

However, his friend was told to show his marriage certificate to prove that the woman was his wife.

"So my brother who was allowed to go back after the urine test, offered to help them take their marriage certificate.

"Unfortunately, in his hurry to help his friend, he mistakenly stepped on the accelerator, resulting in the accident," he said.

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