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Woman stabbed in heated argument with stepfather
Published on: Friday, February 07, 2014

Kota Kinabalu: A heated argument between a woman and her stepfather turned violent when she ended up getting stabbed in the abdomen at the Prince Philip Park in Tanjung Aru here, Thursday.

It was learnt that the 33-year-old from Papar had followed her stepfather after the latter asked her to accompany him to meet a friend in the city.

They took a train and headed to the Tanjung Aru second beach area, where an argument ensued between them.

It was said that the argument was triggered by the woman refusing to agree to her stepfather's request to withdraw a physical abuse case that was reported in Papar sometime ago, resulting in her getting stabbed in the abdomen.

A police beat patrol rushed to the scene at about 8.30am after they were alerted by passersby who heard her shouts for help and she was subsequently rushed to the hospital by paramedics who arrived moments later.

Deputy City Police Chief Supt M. Chandra said police are probing the actual motive behind the attack and are seeking the woman's stepfather to facilitate investigations.

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