Conversion issue must be handled delicately: NGO
Published on: Sunday, February 09, 2014
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Pitas: The issue of religious conversion must be handled delicately by ensuring the individual or the group involved are not coerced into converting.Sabah Pribumi Organisation (Pribumi) President Dato' Abdul Tani Lo said he hoped the issue where 74 villagers here were tricked into converting to another religion will not be blown out of proportion. "The unity and the choice of religion of previous Pribumi generations also went through the same process but with more transparency and according to the Federal Constitution.

"In that way, there would be no disagreement. However, only the Sabah Church Council or the Bishop can talk about this.

"Politicians should not get involved because our country believes in religious freedom, especially if it does not go against the law and the constitution," said Abdul Tani.

Abdul Tani was commenting on a statement by Upko President Tan Sri Bernard Dompok on the conversion of 74 Christians in Pitas last month.

He continued that the Sabahans have always respected each other's customs, culture and belief.

"Issues which were heatedly discussed in the peninsula such as the Allah issue is a non-issue here.

This means we in Sabah are free to follow our own religions," he said.

Abdul Tani urged the Pribumi to continue preserving the harmony and unity of the multiracial and multi-ethnic communities in the State.


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