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Sabah first to record all birth certs digitally
Published on: Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Kota Kinabalu: The State Health Department is now recording births digitally, thanks to the creation of a breakthrough innovation called I-Kelahiran.

The software recorded more than 60,000 births in Sabah in 2013, both children of migrants and Malaysians, accurately.

And the software, which has been credited to the work of five officers from the department's Information Technology and medical staff, is now being adopted by states elsewhere in the country.

I- Kelahiran, is able to record every birth, post natal medical follow-ups and personal details accurately.

According to State Health Director, Dr Christina Rundi, the software was recognised by the Health Ministry Technical ICT Project Committee on May 10, 2013.

States like Negeri Sembilan had created its own version called I-Jejak modeled after Sabah's.

"We were the first in the country to have created the software. Several states have sent their representative to study the software and see whether it can be adopted," she said during the launching of I-Kelahiran, here, Tuesday.

To date 22 government hospitals and five private hospitals have used the software, whereby it eliminates the old birth registration process of getting record logs and update the records at various locations.

"It eliminates the tough work of obtaining information on immunisation, mother's records and prevents it from being lost," she said. The effort of the committee received a Malaysian Open Source Software (MyGOSS 2013) Top 10 award.

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