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Preventing Likas village from catching fire again
Published on: Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Kota Kinabalu: Fire and Rescue Department will collaborate with City Hall to modify and upgrade the communal rubbish bin to provide place for firefighting equipment in Kg. Cenderamata 2, Likas.

Its Organising Committee Chairman, Haji Mumin Rasam said that previously, the Fire Department had allocated RM3,000 for the project.

This is due to the fire incidents which had occurred at the village for several times.

"It started in the fire incident in 1997 when the village was only squatters. I would like to thank the government for helping us to develop the village from squatters into a legal settlement. In 2005, there was another breakout of fire which resulted in five houses destroyed and in 2012, 12 houses were destroyed due to another fire followed by Dec 30 last year whereby 19 houses were destroyed due to a fire incident," Mumin explained.

"I would also like to request assistance from Mayor Datuk Abidin Madingkir for the building of a community hall. We have all the facilities ranging from road, electricity and even water supply and I believe it is not impossible for our village to have a community hall," he said, stating that the previous mayor, Datuk Illiyas Ibrahim had also helped out with the shops licenses, macro stalls and bustop.

He said this during the reaccredidation of the village as a Litter-Free Village.

Mayor Datuk Abidin Madingkir also said that he would make an effort in gaining allocations from the government to build a new community hall at the village.

Meanwhile, City Hall, according to him, had inspected and briefed the residents on the campaign on Nov 13 last year.

"This was followed by another inspection which was done on Feb 16," he said, adding that the village marks the starting point of City Hall for the litter-free village recognition campaign.

"Kg. Cenderamata 2 was the first village to be recognised as a litter-free village in the year 2008," he added, congratulating all the village's residents.

Madingkir said the village since its recognition as a Litter-Free Village had been known to all and even became a 'model village' by local authorities including in peninsula.

"I also learnt that the residents of Kg. Cenderamata 2 is also active in other environment programmes, for example, the Mikro Enterprise Committee in order to manage rubbish properly," he said, stating that is in relation with the enforcement of Litter Bugs by City Hall as announced on Feb 10.

"We have made this year known as the year of combating litter bugs who would simply throw rubbish everywhere. Therefore, we have decided to issue compounds immediately to those who found littering. These people who litter are considered as irresponsible and depend on City Hall workers to clean up their rubbish," he said, adding that it is important to find the main sources as it started in the community itself.

Later, he suggested that the village should also support solid waste management campaign implemented by the City Hall.

"The purpose of the campaign is to encourage all residents to practice the separation of food waste from other domestic waste at their homes. As well realised, food waste are the cause of foul smell or leachate which are the foods of cockroaches, flies and rats,"he explained.

"This is in relation with the increase of denggi cases and I would like to advise the people to make sure of the village's cleanliness and avoid having stagnant water which encourages the breeding of aedes mosquitoes," he said, adding that the City Hall had widened the implementation of the separation of food waste in several food premises such as the Central Market, Anjung Senja, Tanjung Aru town, Menggatal Town as well as Inanam Town," he said.

Madingkir said that so far, City Hall had recognised 83 other premises as Litter-Free which includes offices, schools, higher institutions, university, banks, villages, house of worship, clinics, resorts and others.

"Litter free zones actually means that there are no longer rubbish seen everywhere thus, residents of Kg Cenderamata would throw all rubbish into dustbins wherever they are," he said, adding that the attitude of 'throwing rubbish first and picking it up later' should be sheded completely and people must also always speak on Litter Bugs campaign.

Also present were City Hall Cleanliness and Environmental Health Director, Robert Lipon, City Hall Operational Deputy Director General, Joannes Solidau and City Hall Enforcement Department Director, Abdul Mukti Hj Muchlish.

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