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Taman Penampang residents give the authorities a month
Published on: Sunday, February 23, 2014

Penampang: Unhappy residents of Taman Penampang have decided to give the relevant authorities a month to solve their problems with their management company, failing which they may refuse to pay their management fees.

More than 30 apartment residents of the residential area attended a meeting held at the Taman Penampang Function Hall together with members of the media.

However, representatives from the Sabah Land and Survey Department and Ministry of Local Government and Housing were absent during the meeting.

According to Taman Penampang resident organising committee representative Lee Pun Yee, the meeting was held to discuss various issues related to the residents' strata titles, facilities and security in the residential area.

Lee, who is also Sabah Human Rights Association President, said the meeting was also to get support from the apartment owners for him to write a letter using his association to the Local Government and Housing Minister Datuk Hajiji Noor and Chief Minister to settle their problems within a month, failing which they would look into further actions, including refusing to pay the management fees.

He said the residents were upset that they have yet to get their strata titles despite some of the apartments being 14 to 16 years old already.

Lee said they had already brought the matter up to the Land and Survey Department but was told that an issue over the developers encroaching into nearby government land and roads had contributed to the delays in the issuing of their strata titles.

"It could take years to solve this problem. This is not something that we want," he said, adding that Hajiji had informed him during a recent meeting that the developers were responsible for the delay and not his Ministry.

"Hajiji told me that he could assist the residents on the matter but that they have to have a meeting with the developers to ask them when they can issue the land titles. If they were uncooperative, then Hajiji said he will step in to resolve the matter."

Regarding the longstanding problem of security at the apartments, Lee said he was going straight to the ministry for a solution.

"I don't want to refer anymore to the management company on the matter.

I'm going straight to Hajiji on the issue and letting him know that if there is no improvement on the situation, we are all not going to pay the management fees."

He said the residents were also upset that there have been many incidences of cars and apartments being broken into and recently there were even cases of residents' cars being stolen from the parking areas.

Lee said they also complained about the security arrangement there including lack of CCTV cameras installed at the security huts and gates similar to other apartment complexes. In addition he said the residents were also unhappy their building's sinking fund was being used for access road repairs and painting the parking lots and to supplement the management fees.

"I was informed by a management representative that if the management fees were not enough and that's why they had to dip into the sinking fund.

"I feel this is not proper. Why should they use our sinking fund for this purpose when some of the older apartment blocks are not even repainted?" he asked.

Also present were Taman Penampang Apartment Association President, Michael Lim, and Association Secretary, Sim Kang Loon.

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