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Man hospitalised after he was assaulted by group in Labuan
Published on: Saturday, March 08, 2014

Kota Kinabalu: A 38-year-old man ended up in hospital with a black eye, bruised lips and eight stitches to his eyebrow after he was assaulted by a group of men at an entertainment outlet in Labuan on Saturday.

Daniel Teh, a head chef at a local restaurant, had gone to the two-storey entertainment outlet together with 12 friends to celebrate his birthday between 10pm and 12am.

"We went to the first floor where we spent about RM500 on alcoholic beverages and after singing a few songs, we decided to go down to the ground floor where the dance floor was," he recalled.

The father of two claimed that after a while, they decided to call it a night and as soon as they exited the premises, one of his friends accidentally knocked a makeshift railing which toppled. "Five men who were wearing the premises' bouncer uniforms suddenly appeared and started to punch my friend who was at that moment trying to lift the railing to put it back to its original position," said Teh, who was here to seek medical evaluation at Sabah Medical Centre where he was warded for a night.

Teh claimed that the men turned on him and another friend when they tried to stop the men from attacking their friend.

"They assaulted me for about two minutes resulting in me collapsing to the ground unconscious," he said, describing the experience as an uncalled for vicious attack.

Several friends subsequently took him to the hospital were he was warded for injuries to his head, legs, arms and chest, while his other friends waited for the police to arrive.

Teh lodged a police report at the Labuan Police Station after he was discharged from the hospital on Monday.

"The reason we were at the entertainment outlet was to enjoy with friends and celebrate my birthday, we were not there to find faults.

"It has been several days since I lodged the police report.

However, no action has been taken against those who assaulted us," he said, adding that he now fears for the safety of his family and himself and has come to Kota Kinabalu to seek justice.

His lawyer Datuk K. Rakhbir Singh, who was also present, said that they will file a civil suit against the assailants and the owners of the outlet by Monday.

"This should not have happened and those who have done wrong should be arrested," he said.

"The vicious attack has left him traumatised to the extent that he is afraid of going back to Labuan for fear of his family's and his safety," said Rakhbir.

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