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Fertiliser shop and three cars destroyed in Tawau fire
Published on: Sunday, March 09, 2014

Tawau: A chemical fertiliser and pesticide shop as well as three vehicles parked in front of the shop were destroyed in a fire at 3.30pm at Fajar Complex on Saturday.

A woman was reported to have had breathing difficulties after inhaling smoke but she received treatment from an ambulance at the scene.

A firefighter who was involved in the operation also had breathing difficulty.

Workers and occupants at eight hotels near the scene vacated the premises as soon as fire alarm went off.

The situation became chaotic when vehicle owners immediately removed their cars from the area.

Meanwhile, the Fire and Rescue Department here dispatched 27 firefighters in two fire engines when it received a distress call at 4.30pm.

Head of the operation, Rudy Fredzex, said they faced low water pressure when putting out the fire but were able to control the fire from spreading at 5.20pm.

Until 7pm, the operation to put out the fire was still going on.

Other agencies that rendered assistance were police, fire and rescue volunteers from Umas and Merotai, Civil Defence Department (JPAM) personnel and 10 personnel of Emergency Response Unit from hotels.

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