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RTD: Lorry owners cannot use 'drawers' from June
Published on: Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Kota Kinabalu: Lorry owners have until June this year to do away with the "drawers" used to fit loads that exceed the length of their vehicles.

Road Transport Department (RTD) Director Suhaili Mohd Taufik on Monday said RTD had cancelled the order it made in 1998 after it was found operators have been abusing the ruling.

"It was decided in a meeting between RTD's automotive engineering unit and Public Transport Commission (Spad) on July 25, 2013 to cancel the RTD order," he said, here.

The order was made to allow vehicles carry lengthy loads provided additional modifications in the manner of a drawer are made, previously.

With the cancellation, operators can no longer carry loads protruding out to the front, back and side of their vehicles, said Suhaili.

However, permission will be given to lorries if requests are made to RTD, he said.

"This will go case by case. For example in construction, they can request from RTD and we will tell them which route and time and a timeframe they need to follow," he said.

It has been found some operators had laden their lorries with materials protruding, exposing others on the road to risk, while the construction of some drawers was in doubt.

Suhaili also said "hellaflush" modified vehicles are not allowed on the road, saying such "extreme" modification posed danger to the driver and other drivers on the road.

The new car modification trend calls for rims constructed with a lot of offset, stretched out tyres, and negative camber so that it can sit flush with the car's fender.

Suhaili said hellaflush-ed car owners would get a ticket immediately if caught.

"The protruding tyres will affect the performance of the car while braking," he explained.

Nonetheless, he said the trend is still under control but need to be stopped before it becomes viral among car owners.

Other technical aspects tantamount to traffic offences include spotlights installed 5 foot above ground and used while driving on the road, dark-tinted windscreens, use of high intensity discharged (HID) lamps as accessories and, stretched out tyres above 3 inch from the car's body, he said.

For spotlights, only four-wheel drive vehicles are allowed and only limited to two additional lamps on the front which can only be used during off-road activities, Suhaili explained.

"We will step up our enforcement from now on," he said.

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