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Karatekas training hard for nationals
Published on: Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Kota Kinabalu: After a successful outing at the Kinabalu City Day Karate Championship 2014, 11 young karatekas from Kobeosaka-Sabah are back hard at work for the coming 15th Malaysia Milo Open Karate Championship 2014.

The national open, which is scheduled to be held in June 7-8 in Kuala Lumpur, will see Kylie Liew Kah Yaw, Jaden Ng Jia Zhuo, Hannah Ng Yue Wen, Brandon Ho, Wesley Chew, Erica Mauritius, Demii Bong, Syahmi Yusuf, Khairul Iswan, Chow Kit and Ahmad Danish competing under the Sabah flag.

According to Kobeosaka-Sabah President, Loh Beng Hoi, the young exponents are back hard at work and training hard for the coming nationals, wasting no time even after a major tournament.

"I am very pleased with the performance of our young Karatekas during the KK City Day tournament which ended on March 10 and now they are back hard at work to train for the Milo nationals.

"The parents of the exponents are also showing great support towards their children and also the association and I truly appreciate this kind of support," said Loh when met in the city centre on Monday.

He added all of the exponents will be competing in the same categories for the Milo Open as they competed in the KK City Day Open.

During the KK City Day Open, Kyle Liew won gold medal in the 11-13-year-old Kata Boys A category and bronze in the 6-10 Kata Boys B while Jaden Ng took silver in the 11-13 Kata Boys B and Bronze in the 6-10 Kata Boys A.

Other multi-medallists include Hannah Ng (gold 6-10 Kata Girls, silver 11-13 Kata Girls), Erica (gold 11-13 Kata Girls, gold 14-15 Cadet Female), Syahmi (gold 13-14 Kata Boys, silver 14-15 Kata Cadet Male) and Chow Kit (bronze kata 14-15 boys and bronze Kata Junior Male).

Meanwhile, Kyle, Jaden and Hannah together took bronze in the Mixed Team Kata category.

Brandon Ho took gold in the 14-15 Kata Cadet Boys, Wesley Chew took silver in the +60 Kumite Boys, Demii Bong took silver in 16-17 Junior Kumite, Khairul took Silver in Kata Male Open and Ahmad Danish took bronze in 10-11 Kata Boys category.

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