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Builder denies claims
Published on: Friday, March 21, 2014

Penampang: A Sarawak-based international property developer, its property management company and Sabah Housing and Real Estate Developer Association (Shareda) on Thursday jointly refuted claims made by two individuals with regard to alleged unsatisfactory maintenance and other common services accorded to residents of a housing estate here.

"We are not a one time, runaway project company.

We have properties being developed as far as Canada and UK, why would we do a lousy project here.

This is total rubbish," said Hii King Sien, Managing Director of Delta Berhad, a member of Sibu-based Delta Group of Companies.

She was referring to a suggestion in the report that being from Sibu, "we are disinterested in Shareda and that there are a lot of Sarawakians in the property development business in Sabah who are mostly single-project developers with no long-term office presence for customer relationship."

The report titled "Developer House Rules Negligence Poser" in this paper's "Property Watch" column last Monday, among others, highlighted claims by the two individuals at Delta Heights, medium-cost low density apartments near Beverly Hills along Jalan Bundusan.

Delta Heights was part of a three-phase housing project with the second phase scheduled to start construction soon. The claims by the duo were "unbalanced" and "irresponsible" Hii said at a press conference hosted by Shareda President Francis Goh at Wisma Kinsabina, along Jalan Penampang, Thursday.

The allegations were raised by the Chairman of a so-called Residents' Committee of Delta Heights, Bobby Voon, who claimed the developer had committed serious breach of its obligations under the Deed of Mutual Covenants.

"The article stated some strong allegations. It attacked me (Delta Berhad), Golden Addition Sdn Bhd who manages the property, Shareda and a whole lot of other parties." Delta Heights Property Manager Quintin Vyner said the two persons whose photographs appeared in the report (one of them being Voon), were not even purchasers of Delta Heights Apartment units and, therefore, do not have the local standi to make complaints and allegations.

According to him, one of the complainants in the picture also owed the housing management company amounting to over RM1,000 despite the rate being charged being much lower compared to other similar housing.

Rebutting all the allegations, he said notices had been issued in all reported cases related to nuisance, excessive noise, pets and garbage disposal.

As to the claim of outsiders trespassing and using common facilities, he said the allegation was unfounded as persons invited by residents are guests and are entitled to use the facilities.

He added that a joint management body had also been set up to allow residents, including the complainants in the report, to contribute in the management of the housing.

"As a matter of interest, the percentage of service fee collected against the amount billed by the management was 97 per cent as of December last year. This is hardly a sign of dissatisfaction among the residents over the services provided, which led us to believe that the complainants do not represent the majority of the occupants," he said.

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