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Another carjacking
Published on: Thursday, April 10, 2014

Kota Kinabalu: A 23-year-old woman, who was pushed into her new Myvi by two armed strangers, managed to jump out while taken on an 8km terror ride at Alamesra along Sulaman road, Wednesday, in what appears a second suspected carjacking attempt in the city within 48 hours.

City Police Chief ACP Jauteh Dikun said the clerk was approached by the men when she reached her workplace at Plaza Juta Likas between 5.30am and 6am.

She had turned up earlier than usual as she wanted to avoid the morning rush hour because she had just taken delivery of her vehicle.

The case is being investigated under Section 395/397 of the Penal Code for armed robbery and not for kidnapping as widely spread in WhatsApp.

"One of the robbers shoved the victim onto the back seat of the car while the two men sat in front prior to fleeing from the scene.

"While the car was moving towards Sulaman road, there was a struggle between the victim and the two men.

"The victim managed to escape when she was able to open the door and jump out, landing on the road at Alamesra. She sustained some wounds and cuts on her body," he said, Wednesday.

Jauteh said motorists and passer-by assisted the victim.

One of the robbers had a knife believed used in the incident and police are in the midst of tracking the suspects.

Meanwhile, the opposition PKR voiced concern over the latest incident as it happened within two days of an 8-year-old pupil inside a Toyota Vios being driven away before found abandoned 6km away.

It happened when his mother stepped out of the driver's seat to buy some buns near his school, around 6am, Monday.

PKR Sabah Deputy Chairperson, Christina Liew, said although police classified the latest incident as a robbery, to the ordinary man in the street it appeared more like another carjacking and coincidentally happened at around the same time of day.

She hoped that while the authorities are focused on solving the kidnapping incident off Semporna, unscrupulous people are not up to mischief in the city, thinking the security personnel are busy.

"There has also been no outcome into the investigations into the recent 'shooting spree' where the glass panels of many businesses were shattered.

I recall that all the suspects were set free. If so, why were they remanded repeatedly in the first place?"

Liew, who is Api-Api Assemblywoman, stressed it was high time for the Federal Government to increase the police force in Sabah.

"Women, in particular, must be on the alert for suspicious characters in their surroundings, when getting in or out of their cars," she said.

"Where is the improved security that was promised to Malaysians in Sabah in the BN Manifesto for the 13th General Election?

At one time, it was even claimed by the authorities that Sabah is the safest state but this is disputable now as one does not hear of such happenings in Sarawak.

Her assertion for greater police presence was echoed by colleague, Inanam Assemblyman Dr Roland Chia, who said there were only 41 police personnel ensuring law and order prevailed in Inanam and Kolombong which has a total population of 70,000. "This works out to one cop for 1,700 residents."

He said the ratio is worse in Menggatal and surrounding areas where the ration is one cop to 2,050 residents.

He said it may not come as a surprise if lack of personnel and facilities are also prevalent in other places in Sabah as well.

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