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Boy recovering, will be discharged soon: Hosp
Published on: Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Kota Kinabalu: Ten-year-old Huguan Isaac Linus, who survived the agony of a three-foot long metal bar piercing through his cheek on Monday, will be discharged from hospital soon.

Sabah Women and Children's Hospital Director Dr Tan Bee Hwai said the pupil is recovering, as the punctured cheek wound has no infection, so far.

He said Huguan only received few stitches inside and outside his right cheek.

"We are monitoring the medical condition of HuguanÉso far, it is a non-infected wound but we will make sure that he is fit enough before allowing him to be discharged," he said at the hospital, here, Tuesday.

If Huguan recovers quickly, Dr Tan said he would be allowed to leave the hospital possibly in two to three days.

The SK Sacred Heart Year Four pupil was waiting for his school bus inside the compound of the Sacred Heart Cathedral when a loose iron rod of a drain grating went through his mouth and exited his cheek at 12.50pm on Monday.

Doctors successfully took out the metal bar in a 35-minute operation.

An online media report Tuesday said Huguan believed divine intervention had saved him from enduring serious injuries.

His mother said Huguan was a brave boy when he told them that God had protected him in the mishap and he assured them not to worry.

"He even told me not to cry anymore as he is a strong and God has saved him," she said when met at the hospital during a visit by the State Education Director Datuk Jame Alip at the ward.

It also reported that Sacred Heart Cathedral Assistant Rector Fr Jeffrey Gumu said the church staff will be checking on all drain caps and other possible threats around the compound.

He said they would also coordinate with the SK Sacred Heart school staff on feasible course of actions to prevent similar mishaps.

By right, he said the pupils should not be allowed into the church compound and parents as well as school buses are supposed to fetch or drop the pupils at the school itself.

However, he said, he understood the limited space at the school which forced the pupils to wait at the church compound nearby the school.

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