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KFC first litter-free restaurant in city
Published on: Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Kota Kinabalu: Kentucky Fried Chicken's (KFC) environmental concerns and efforts paid off when the company received recognition as the first litter-free restaurant in the city.

KFC is not only active in terms of carrying out the anti-litter campaign, but also in other environmental programmes such as selling oil, used plastic containers (bottles) and glasses to recycle companies, added Mayor Abidin Madingkir who made the announcement at KFC's Centre Point branch.

"They also train their staff on safety, health and cleanliness."

This officially marked KFC branches in Centre Point, Suria Sabah, City Mall, Karamunsing Complex and Wisma Merdeka as restaurants that are free from litter as well as their official participation in City Hall's campaign to reduce the usage of plastic bags.

Madingkir hoped that KFC's lead and the recognition that they received would encourage other restaurant owners/operators to take similar initiatives.

The involvement of other restaurants would help City Hall expand where the educating of no rubbish is concerned.

This at the same time assists them realise their 5K aim which includes cleanliness, beautification, safety, harmony and orderliness.

Apart from the five restaurants, there are 14 more restaurants that are in the process of getting recognition, said Madingkir.

The no litter zone recognition is one of City Hall's strategies for their anti-litter campaign.

"So far, we have 90 received participants including the five KFC restaurants."

About 310 participants were received for the plastic reduction campaign.

City Hall hoped that KFC would continuously play a role in instilling good values and environmental awareness and concern among its staff.

With the co-operation of city residents, City Hall's goal to attain its dream of making the city rubbish-free will come to fruition.

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