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Tenom PKR polls is called off
Published on: Sunday, May 04, 2014

Tenom: The Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) division election here had to be called off when it turned chaotic due to the election secretariat running out of ballot papers.

Delegates numbering more than 2,000 turned up for the voting at Perkasa Hotel but only 300 ballot papers were available, resulting in many waiting outside the hall unable to cast their votes. Angry delegates mobbed the secretariat table and demanded an explanation from officials.

Election Invigilator Chief Nazir Udoi explained to them that the ballot papers supply was the responsibility of the State PKR leadership council (MPN).

He said the State MPN could have miscalculated the number of delegates and only supplied 300 ballots for the PKR Tenom election.

"We did not expect the turnout to be this big because based on past experience the number of delegates here was only between 300 and 400.

This was really unexpected," he said.

According to Nazir, he discussed the matter with the State MPN and had no choice but to cancel the election to another day to be determined by the state party leadership.

The ballot papers that had been placed inside the transparent box would be destroyed in front of the candidates or representatives, he said.

The three candidates running for the division chief post are incumbent Masdin Tumas, Adris Taripin and Daniel Rigay.

Earlier, the division's annual meeting was opened by former Federal Territory Minister during Berjaya's era, Datuk Ahmad Shah Tambakau.

Also in attendance was Bukit Katil Melaka MP, Shamsul Iskandar Akifo.

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