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Harris is worthy of landmarks: Labuan MP
Published on: Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Labuan: Member of Parliament Datuk Rozman Datuk Haji Isli credited former Chief Minister Tan Sri Harris Salleh with laying the foundation of the Oil and Gas hub and suggested that some landmarks be named after him for his contributions in Sabah and on the island.

Opening the Rumah Transit Harris Salleh, a halfway house for those who still need attention upon being discharged from hospital, Rozman said it was a very small token to remember the man who was Sabah's sixth Chief Minister (1976-1985).

"He deserves a bigger accolade for his immense contribution in industrialising a once fishing village Pulau Enoe and Rancha Rancha Laut into what it is today. A visionary, Harris dared to go against conventional wisdom, introducing industries others thought were not viable for the small island," he said.

Rozman, who is also Labuan Corporation Chairman, said it was only right to give Harris the recognition and honour while he is still alive on the occasion of Labuan's 40th anniversary as a Federal Territory.

"Although advancing in age, Harris is still active and indefatigable in luring investors to put their money in Labuan.

On account of this, it is apt to call him Bapa Industri Labuan as he was responsible for laying the foundation of our O&G hub," Rozman said.

Harris is after all the most illustrious son of Labuan for leadership in politics and economy, the MP added.

The Rumah Transit is to provide convalescence for the sick when discharged from hospital and who still need care and nursing which their families could not afford.

It is the first social centre set up by the MP Community Service Centre and funded from the MP's allocation.

Rozman welcomed retired nurses to render their services in this programme.

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