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Teacher wants Council to pay
Published on: Friday, May 09, 2014

Tawau: A tuition teacher with a sight disability who fell into a large drain here recently, is now seeking the medical cost for his injuries from the Tawau Municipal Council.

Patrick Mariman Durasik, who is in his 50s, fell into a drain which was only covered by plywood, while trying to meet the father of one of his students who was waiting for him in a nearby market on April 5.

"I was walking from the Majlis Amanah Rakyat (Mara) building to the market, when all of sudden I fell into the big drain along Jalan Dominic, breaking the plywood cover," he said.

Luckily taxi drivers were around the area to pull him out from waist-deep drain, he said.

The Mandarin, English and Math tutor suffered cuts, scratches on the body, waist ache and os still undergoing treatment as a result of the fall.

Since the incident, Patrick said he has spent close to RM400 in medicine and special massage to rehabilitate his waist.

He stressed the council should pay for his medical bills.

"I don't ask much, just the cost of my medical bills as my income is just enough to support my living," he said.

He demanded the municipality must take heed of the incident seriously and immediately seal the drain to avoid a repeat.

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