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3 kapitans want explanation why they get the sacking
Published on: Monday, May 12, 2014

Penampang: Three Chinese community leaders or Kapitans have had their services terminated simultaneously without any reasons given and now they want the relevant authorities to explain.

The Kapitans are Chong Chiew Kiong (Kepayan Rumah Murah), Yong Ah Loi (Nosoob) and Kwong Leong Ping (Lido).

All three were endorsed by the MCA.

It was learnt that the Kapitan for Kepayan Ridge, Wong Yun Thiam, also received the termination letter but was not present at the press conference on Sunday.

Chong said they all received a letter each from the Local Government and Housing Ministry stating their services would expire by May 31.

He said they all felt sad that their services are no longer required and more so because it was carried out in an abrupt manner.

"And also because no reasons were stated in the termination letter," he said.

In this respect, they want the Ministry concerned to explain why their services have been terminated, so as to clear the people's perception.

"We do not want the society to misunderstand why we were expelled and that is why we want the ministry to explain," said Chong.

The letters were shown to the reporters present and all it stated was that the Kapitan services were being terminated and they are given a month's notice from May 1 until May 31.

To this, Chong said they will be forwarding a copy of the letter from the Ministry each to the Chief Minister, the Penampang BN Chairman, Penampang District Chief and also the Sabah MCA Liaison Chief.

He believed their sacking has nothing to do with the recent statement by MCA National Youth Chief, Chong Sin Woon, that the Eastern Sabah Security Command (Esscom) should be shut down because of the spate of abduction cases.

In fact, they firmly believed that it was an act of political revenge by a member of the Penampang MCA.

He claimed that prior to and during the previous general election, they were pressured by the person not to assist, especially in the campaigning of the Kepayan BN candidate.

But instead of complying with the person's "directive", all three of the Kapitans decided to campaign for all BN candidates in Penampang, including for the Kepayan candidate, although the candidate subsequently lost in the election.

"As Barisan Nasional community leaders, we have a moral duty to help in the campaigning of the BN candidates," he said.

Chong said they have no qualms if their services are no longer required or that they voluntarily quit from their position.

"But not being terminated without any reasons given.

We don't want the people to have the perception that we were sacked for committing wrong," he said.

According to him, the MCA has actually spelled out action against the person concerned but that until now, the action has yet to be implemented.

"But instead, we were punished for helping to campaign for the BN candidates in Penampang, especially the Kepayan BN candidate, during the election," he said.

Kwong said he really felt sad and disappointed because of the termination.

Despite the meagre monthly allowance he receives, he said he is happy serving the area he represents.

Yong said he started his career as a Kapitan in 2004 for Nosoob after Upko endorsed his appointment.

And now, after almost 10 years, he is being ceremoniously sacked without any reasons.

He said he felt really ashamed with the abrupt termination even though he has carried out his job as diligently, sincerely and honestly as possible.

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