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Girl locked in container dies in fire
Published on: Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Papar: A farmer and his neighbours fought tooth and nail to save his five-year-old daughter as fire swept through a row of seven containers occupied by poultry farm workers near here, Tuesday.

Sadly, despite their desperate efforts, they could not break open the door which was locked from inside.

Firefighters later found the charred remains of Kabo Vorey under the debris in the unit occupied by the Indonesian farmer and his family in Kg Damit, Bongawan.

He had earlier left his daughter there when he went to work on the farm along with most of the occupants of the other units.

District Fire and Rescue Station Chief, Dunstan Peter, said a neighbour to the victim's family claimed the five-year-old girl had locked the door after her father left for work.

Her mother was said to have returned to her hometown in Membakut.

Later, he said a farmer near the scene saw fire on the front portion of the unit the girl was staying in with her parents, and the farmer quickly ran to the affected unit and shouted for help.

He said by then the girl's father had heard the commotion and ran to his unit to save his daughter.

Dunstan said the girl was home alone when the blaze occurred at about 8.30am.

"We received a distress call at 8.34am and we dispatched seven firefighters and a fire tender to the scene. We reached the scene at about 9am as the location is about 37km from the fire station here.

"When my men reached there, all the units were already about 90 per cent razed. Suddenly, we were told that about a five-year-old girl was trapped inside and we went inside to try save the girl.

"Instead, we found her charred remain under the debris in the third unit," he said to Daily Express here.

"The girl's father is in shock over the loss of his daughter and we could not get much details from him in regards to the incident.

"The charred body has been sent to the hospital for post mortem," he said.

He said the six other families who lost their belongings in their respective units were not at home when the fire broke out as many had gone to work.

He said the total losses and cause of fire are still under investigation.

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