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1,000 in 5 villages in dilemma over status: Siringan
Published on: Friday, May 23, 2014

Kota Kinabalu: Over 1,000 residents of five villages in the Ranau-Telupid border are now in a dilemma over the status of their respective village after Telupid was elevated to a full district.

The villages, namely Kampung Miruru, Kg Mangkadait, Kg Rumantai, Kg Sri Bangsawan and Kg Mantapuk under the Paginatan state constituency, are presently under Ranau district administration, but the villagers fear their villages may be taken out and placed under Telupid district administration once the new Ranau-Telupid boundary is made official.

The Ranau-Telupid new boundary line is still in the process of finalisation.

Resource Development and Information Technology Minister Datuk Siringan Gubat, who is Paginatan Assemblyman, said the villagers also expressed their concern to him during Tadau Kaamatan events held at the villages.

He, nevertheless, told the villagers concerned to remain calm, as he is confident that the Government would resolve the matter amicably, under a win-win situation.

"Because Kg Miruru especially is actually now situated at the border of Ranau and Telupid, so if the Government decides that Kg Miruru and the other villages would be included under the Telupid district administration area in order to fulfil the requirement of the full district status, we do not have any problem with it," he said during a press conference held after he officiated at the closing of the Ranau District-level Osindak IT 2.0 programme organised by his Ministry at the Ming Garden Hotel, here, Thursday.

The two-day programme is part of the Government's efforts to reduce the digital gap between rural and urban areas, providing the selected villagers a continuous training in information and communication technology (ICT) application with the hope that they would apply it on a daily basis and at the same time also encourage other villagers to use ICT.

During the event, Siringan also promised to provide the 40 participants who attended the programme free tablet computers each as a motivation for them.

He said the programme was designed in such a way to enable the participants to learn and practise the ICT applications taught to them throughout the two-day course.

Apart from villagers, he said other similar programmes are also implemented to enable community leaders at the grassroots level like village heads and JKKKs to learn to use ICT to enable them to communicate effectively with the authorities and people under their respective jurisdiction.

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