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MP slams S'kan council over grilled booths at mall
Published on: Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Sandakan: SANDAKAN Member of Parliament, Stephen Wong hit out at the Sandakan Municipal Council (MPS) and its president Datuk James Wong for failing to address the issue of grilled booths in the Centre Point Mall here.

Following the peaceful protest by the tenants and traders held last Friday, Wong urged the Municipal Council to explain the reason for the council to approve the construction of the booths at the mall's corridor by a private company.

He said it was totally inappropriate due to the limited space and posed risks in the event of emergencies such as fire.

The booth was built right at the centre of the walkway and mounted with grills that further blocked the walkway making the mall more congested.

"I as the people's representative in this area understand their concerns and worries. The traders have sent the letter to urge the Municipal Council to listen to their voices and concerns, however, it seems like they don't care about it.

"That is why they organised a peaceful demonstration to call for public concern," he said here Monday.

Wong who is also DAP Sabah deputy chief said that if MPS as the local authority insisted not to listen to the people, then it had failed to run its duty to serve the people in Sandakan.

"As the president, James Wong should be accountable and responsible to solve this problem. If he failed to answer the doubts, then the Sandakan people would want to change the president," he said.

Wong was shocked to learn that many councillors did not even know about the issue and questioned if it had ever been discussed in the various committee meeting in the council. He urged the MPS to be transparent in the matter.

Wong also claimed MPS had shown a bad example to the people especially the developer since the structure plan of a development could be easily changed without consultation with tenants and buyers.

"It is totally unfair to the buyers because the structures in question were not in the original plan or does this mean MPS can change anything without listening to the involved parties and the people?" he asked.

Wong also hoped the Ministry of Local Government and Housing would look into the matter seriously.

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