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Be wary of outside elements, says CM
Published on: Friday, May 30, 2014

Kota Kinabalu: People in Sabah will not fall into the trap set by irresponsible quarters to create rifts and disrupt harmony among the multi-racial community in the country.

"Undoubtedly there have been attempts by irresponsible quarters to wreck our harmony. However, I believe Malaysians in Sabah will not be easily duped by the actions of these people but continue to strengthen unity for the continuity of development and progress," said Datuk Seri Musa Aman.

In his Tadau Kaamatan 2014 message, the Chief Minister said Sabah is a unique state which not only has an abundance of natural resources but also more than 32 ethnic groups living in peace and harmony.

"We always work together and never made our differences as the stumbling block to the State's development," he said, adding this was the reason the unity of the people of Sabah had been touted as the best model of the 1Malaysia spirit.

"Therefore, it is my hope that such spirit continues to be preserved and improved as well as not to let outside elements sow seeds of hatred among us," he said.

On another note, Musa who is also State Finance Minister, called on Sabahans to continue to be with the government to ensure prosperity and spur the State's progress.

Like other states in Malaysia, he said Sabah was also committed to generating development for the State and improving the living standard of its people.

"In this respect we have made it a priority to create more jobs as well as pool of skilled workers comprising locals," he said, adding the State Government was committed to make sure the Economic Transformation Programme and Sabah Development Programme are successfully implemented.

Besides, he said the State was also giving much focus on tourism and oil and gas processing as well as palm oil. However, in order to create rapid development it doesn't mean the environment is compromised.

"We do not close our ears to the views of the community on the best way to preserve our State's flora and fauna," he said.

Musa said continuous support from the people was very important in view of the year 2014 that is becoming a challenging year for the country with the tragedy of MH370 and recent kidnapping cases.

"I am confident that with support from everyone we will be able to overcome all challenges," he said.

Towards this end, Musa stressed that the government was garnering its strength and commitment to improve security in the East Coast of Sabah.

"We realise we are exposed to external threats in view of our vast sea and long coastline," he said, and that the Government had taken immediate steps to further strengthen the Eastern Sabah Security Zone (Esszone).

At the same time, the State Government was also working closely with its Federal counterparts to ensure sufficient assets and personnel there to look after the safety of locals and visitors.

On the Tadau Kaamatan celebration, Musa said it is not only for the people to celebrate a bountiful harvest but more importantly galvanise the friendship bond and kindred spirit among the multi-racial and religion people in the State.

"Together with my wife and family we wish the Kadazandusun Murut community a Happy Kaamatan Festival 2014," he said.

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