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Divisions will ignore it: Liew
Published on: Friday, May 30, 2014

Kota Kinabalu: Datuk V K Liew said the action by Datuk Teo Chee Kang to suspend the six Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) divisions, including his Tanjung Papat division, is a futile exercise.

"None of the divisions are subject to his jurisdiction and we do not have to obey it but just ignore and carry on with our activities and programmes for the people," he said.

The LDP Supreme Council chaired by Teo who replaced Liew by virtue of the Registrar of Societies (RoS) decision to recognise the EGM and party election by his faction last year recently decided to suspend six of the party divisions.

The other five divisions suspended as announced by LDP Secretary General Yong Wui Chung were Sungai Sibuga led by Yap Mah Chun, Sekong under Michael David Tsen, Tungku (Datuk Kwan Wing Hung), Karambunai (Loretto S Padua Jr) and Sulaman (Jackson Chang Choi Sin).

However, Liew said on March 29, this year, a party election was held in Sandakan that was attended by more than 400 delegates and observers from 17 of the 31 LDP divisions.

During the Party Election, a new line up was elected by the delegates, including for the Supreme Council, Youth and Wanita Movements.

The names of the line up were widely published in all the papers, he said.

"All election procedures were done in accordance with the Party's Constitution. Subsequently, the election results and the Returns have been submitted to ROS in accordance with the Societies Act 1966, in April last month.

"I am aware the RoS official recently interviewed some of us concerning our March 29 Party's Conference and Party's Election.

We have cooperated."

"I urge party members to remain steadfast and not to be unduly disturbed by the suspension. We will carry out our activities as normal.

The most important aspect is to continue to serve the people in our various capacities," he said.

Asked about the dismissal of his recent appeal for leave at the Court of Appelate, he said: "As I have said, many questions of law have arisen following the Court of Appeal's ruling that "the ROS's letter of 7/1/14 is not a decision but rather an administrative decision that requires no judicial review by the court".

"Many in the legal fraternity feels that this is too wide and has given not only the RoS, but government agencies, extensive power in their decision making.

"Based on this decision, ROS can take sides on a political dispute and appoint a person without going through due democratic process, to be the head of a political party.

"Their investigation cannot be opened for scrutiny because the Court of Appeal seems to give a suggestion that since it is purely administrative and carried out internally, that is not a "decision per se".

Hence, not subject to review.

"Even if we accept it as 'an administrative decision', where is the remedy for anyone who is not happy?" he asked.

Liew said he would seek justice in the Federal Court.

"I know it is hard and a difficult journey, but for the sake of justice, I am willing to bite the bullet, and go through all the way.

"I urge my party members to shoulder with me the responsibility to see justice is done. We must soldier on till the end," he said.

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