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Appointment of Kapitans not permanent: Kong
Published on: Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Penampang: District MCA Chairman, Datuk Paul Kong on Monday, regretted that some people have hurled biased accusation against the party for the sacking of four kapitans in Penampang recently.

He said that the selfish and unsubstantiated accusation from these people only serve to prove that they do not understand the system in which the kapitans were appointed and replaced by the Ministry of Local Government and Housing.

"Demanding explanation and reasons from the relevant authorities why they were replaced as kapitans was not only unnecessary and very impolite, but their action also exposed themselves to be a laughing stock and brings the highly-respected post of kapitan into disrepute and shame," he said.

He said this to reporters after witnessing four new kapitans from MCA Penampang Division reporting for duty to Penampang District Officer William Sampil at the District Office here.

In May, four former Chinese community leaders or kapitans in Penampang had their services terminated simultaneously without any reasons given.

The kapitans were Chong Chiew Kiong (Kepayan Rumah Murah), Yong Ah Loi (Nosoob), Kwong Leong Ping (Lido) and Kapitan for Kepayan Ridge and Wong Yun Thiam (Kepayan Ridge).

They each received a letter from the Ministry of Local Government and Housing stating that their services would expire by May 31.

The former kapitans said they all felt sad because their services were no longer required and also because the termination was carried out in an abrupt manner.

"And also because there was no reasons stated in the termination letter," they said.

Meanwhile, the four new kapitans are Wong Chin Liong (Beverly Hills/Bundusan), Chong Kwee Fatt (Kobusak/Nosoob), Wong Kong Hing (Kepayan Ridge) and Chong Kiam Fah(Lido/Chi Mei), all of them senior MCA members.

They were appointed by the Ministry to serve their respective areas within the Kapayan constituency effective June 1 until the day they are replaced by the same authority as the post is not permanent, Kong said.

Sampil, on the other hand, advised the new kapitans to serve the people well, diligently, with full commitment and dedication.

"They are also advised to be of good character and always maintain a good reputation by living a good and healthy life as well as setting a good example for the Chinese community," said Kong.

During the event, Sampil also took the opportunity to remind the kapitans that they are representatives of the Barisan Nasional (BN) Government.

"As such they are expected to carry out all the policies and programmes initiated and to be implemented by the government," he said.

He stressed that it is the prerogative of the Ministry to appoint them and therefore has the power also to have them replaced by serving a one month notice.

To this, Kong said that when the day comes, they should not blame the government or the ministry because their appointment is not permanent.

"The government or the ministry (also) is not duty-bound to give them any reason for the replacement of their position," he said.

He said their duty is to work hard, be close with the people and work closely with the MCA Penampang Division because their appointments were recommended by the division which resulted in the approval and endorsement by the Ministry.

He said their primary role is to serve the people in their respective areas with full commitment and dedication in order to help BN win back the Kapayan State seat and the Penampang parliamentary seat.

BN lost the Kapayan and Penampang seats to the opposition in the 2013 elections.

To this end, Kong, who is also the State MCA Liaison Committee Adviser, said those who have queried the power of the Ministry to appoint and replace kapitans, should seek proper advice from the relevant authorities to prevent themselves from being misled.

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