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In search of her parents...
Published on: Tuesday, June 03, 2014

A woman who was given up for adoption when she was barely a month old hopes to be reunited with her biological parents.

This Aidilfitri will be more meaningful if I am able to meet them before the celebration, said Rohani Hassan, 40, who now has two children.

Rohani said she was adopted in Sabah by Hassan Yaacob and Nik Kamariah Nik Ismail and the couple brought her to Kelantan when she was two.

She said her mother, Lim Jid De, is a Chinese, while her father, a Kadazan, and they had four children, including herself.

"I believe they are still alive, but am not sure where they are now.

I miss them and want to meet them," said Rohani, who now resides at Taman Restu Tiga, Telipot here.

Rohani said she was 13 when Hassan told her that she was an adopted child.

"He also told me about my biological family and handed me two pictures with two pieces of notes written in Mandarin.

"I don't know Mandarin and ask a friend to read the notes which stated that my (biological) mother did not want to give her children away, but because of the difficult life, she had to give us up for adoption and that she was leaving Sabah and would return to China," she added.

Those with information or who want to help Rohani can contact her at 012-9225671.

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